Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences And Research centre Hyderabad

Student Seminar in Physiology

The Department of Physiology has conducted a student's seminars on 06-12-2013 Friday.

The following students have presented papers on the topics specified against their names:

1 P.Harish 76 Action Potentials
2 K.S.Srividya 111 Transport Across Cell Membrane
3 C.Keertan 99 GI Hormones
4 K.Praneeth Reddy 86 Regulation of Gastric Secretion

Medical Education Work Shop

  • Medical Education Workshop was conducted in the Medical Education Hall of the College on 26th 27th & 28th, December-2013.
  • Sixteen Faculty Members participated.
  • Eight Resource Persons have interacted and facilitated the Participants in various teaching and learning process.

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