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Research Activities

S.No Project Principal Investigator
1 A Study of Sacrococcygeal tumors and embryological importance Dr. Ramani
2 A study of aortic arch variation and embryological importance Mrs. Hima Bindu
3 A study of serum lipids and role of thyroid function in polycystic ovarian syndrome Dr. V. Sunanda
4 A Study of serum lipids and uric acid in recent onset essential hypertension Dr. Jagannadha Phaneendra
5 Polymorphism of interferon  gamma and susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis Dr. HRV Rajkumar,
Dr. Guru Prasad Manderwad
6 The phenotype and genotype analysis of the presence of carbapenem drug resistance in gram negative bacteria Dr. HRV Rajkumar
7 Seroepidemology of Dengue Dr. A. Ravi Shanker Reddy, Dr.Swathi
8 Role of 16S rRNA methylase in the development of bacterial drug resistance Dr. HRV Rajkumar,
Dr. Guru Prasad Manderwad
9 Understanding molecular pathogenesis of rectocolon cancer Dr. E. Jayashanker
Forensic Science and Toxicology
10 Age estimation of rescued female commercial sex workers and male child labour in Hyderabad- a retrospective study Dr. B. Lakshmi Prasanna
11 Scalp injuries in carniocerebral trauma Dr. B. Lakshmi Prasanna
Community Medicine
12 A study of pre diabetic factors among the people in the age group of 20-60 years in urban field area of Mansurabad, Hyderabad Dr. D. Ravi Babu


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