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Academic Facilities


  • Lecture theatres
  • Demonstration Rooms
  • Common Rooms: Provided separately for Men and Women.

Library: There is a central Library with a floor area of 2400sqm completely airconditioned.The seating capacity is about 300.The Library has Under Graduate, Post Graduate / Residents and Staff Sections. There is Journal room, Digital Library with 40 computers with net connection and a separate Xerox and binding rooms. There are above 7506 books, 79 Indian and 56 Foreign Journals apart from back Journals.
There is a separate outside reading rooms for Men and Women which accommodate 150 students.

Skill lab: The Skill lab is equipped with Mannequins for Demonstration of Clinical Examination, Procedures like Intravenous injections, Catheterization, Tapping of Fluids etc.

Computer Lab: Located in the Central Library with 40 Computers and Provided with internet facility. The Computer Lab is air conditioned.

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