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The Hospital is established in 1991 and since then it is running.

The outpatient department: Each OP is provided with 04 Cubical for the examination of patients and a clinical Demonstration room. Other than the above some of the OP's have Sub Sections like Dressing room, Injection room, Plaster room, Plaster cutting room, Antenatal clinic, Cancer detection clinic, Child welfare and immunisation and Rehabilitation etc.

The Department of Emergency Medicine is having 20 beds and 25 casuality beds, with all equipments like ventilators, pulse oxymeters, multi- parameters, defibrillators and continuous oxygen supply and suction.

Diagnostic section: It is located in the Cellar with all subsections-Biochemistry, Microbiology and Clinical Pathology. The Diagnostic section is provided with equipment of higher order. It caters to the needs of OP and IP Patients.

The blood bank is also located in the cellar which is of high standard and licensed for whole blood and blood components.

The Department of Radiology is located in the Ground floor very close to Department of Emergency Medicine and Casuality. The Department is very well equipped. There are facilities for doing plain and contrast x-ray's, CT, MRI, Mammograph and Ultrasounds with color Doppler and 2D Echo.

The Hospital is provided with equipments for doing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures.

Operation Theatre Complex:The Hospital is provided a separate operation theatre unit consisting of 11 theatres all are air-conditioned. The accommodation is provided for surgeons, Anaesthetists, Technicians and students separately for Men and Women for changing of dress. The theatre complex is provided 4 pre-anesthetic beds, 10 Recovery beds and 25 post-operative beds. The theatres are provided with all necessary equipments, cctv's for visualizing operations. There is a separate area for washing, Stores, Clean linen, Soiled linen and Sterilization.

The Indoor facilities  are provided with 650 teaching beds spread over in 24wards.

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